Our story


We at 2GuyGames are all gamers that play PC-, Console- and sometimes Mobile-Games. Starting with the GameBoy, NES, PlayStation One and PCs with Athlon CPU`s and ATI GPU`s we played games like, Street Fighter, Terranigma, Secret of Mana, Lufia, Spyro the Dragon, X-Beyond the Fontier and Final Fantasy. Games that shaped our view on how games should make fun and smooth to play. With interesting mechanics and sophisticated stories.

When we got older, we kept our passion for games and started working in the industry. Some of us as a programmer and other more on the business and management side.

Marco and Stefan met for the first time in Bachelor-Studies as programmer and business economist, all while learning how to play the guitar. There, both of them talked excited about games, their mechanics, bugs and what could have been made better.

Marco then worked many years in game development as a freelancer and gained many insights on what a game developer should prioritize and where find to problems. Unfortunately often hidden, undetected or worse, ignored.

That was the point were he asked Stefan, who was just about to finish his Master-Studies, if he would like to work in the game industry alongside with him and tackle those development issues.

And there we are. A young and ambitious Start-Up from Potsdam, Germany, that focuses on support for game developers. Analyze, streamline, polish and delivering high quality projects to customers is our mission.