About Us

We are a joung and ambitioned Start-Up from Potsdam, Germany. We are also gamers and developers and experienced the hardships on both sides. At some Point we thought: "Wouldn't it be usefull for us to develop a tool that helps us to make fewer mistakes and work more efficient on our own projects?"


Our objective on what we want to to is to develop efficiency tools that support developers at the crucial points in development, were mistakes are bound to happen the most. That way, we can ensure that the quality of games can be improved and uphold.

We are in the middle of incorporating our company and will be at your service as soon as we are finished filling out application forms et cetera. If you are interested to work with us while walking down this path feel free to look at our Job offers.

If you want to learn more about the Gameplay Inspector please visit our YouTube Channel. Please note, that this Channel is also still unter construction and you will not find much there at the moment.