Gameplay Inspector Trial

Get your free Trial for 30 days to check out the Gameplay Inspector


Now you should read the Readme. It will explain the basic functionality of the Gameplay Inspector to you. You find it in your current project under "Packages" and then "Gameplay Inspector" or click click here to access our public Google Drive.

Additionally you can look into our Roadmap to see whats next for the Gameplay Inspector

If you want to contact us and want to exchange feedback feel free to join our Discord Server or participate in our Survey to help us make the Gameplay Inspector even better.

If you want to check how much time is left for your trial go to "Window" → "Gameplay Inspector" → "Manage License". Here you can see if your License is activated and how much time is left. Also, you can enter the License key that you bought from us.

Under "Window" and "Gameplay Inspector" you can also acess the Test Generation, Editor, Replayer and Runner.

Please notice, that by downloading the Demo you are automatically accepting our General Terms and Conditions.


  1. Integrate the Gameplay Inspector easily into your current project or start a new one. Here we show you how:

  2. Start a new project or open an existing one

  3. Go to "Edit" and ...

  4. ... select "Project Settings" ...

  5. ... then go to the "Package Manager" tab

  6. Enter the following information:
    Name: 2GuyGames
    Scope(s): com.tgg

How to install the Gameplay Inspector:

  1. Go to "Windows" and ...

  2. ... select "Package Manager"

  3. Within the "Package Manager" select "Packages:  In Project" in the top left corner and change it to "My Registries"

  4. Select "Gameplay Inspector"

  5. Click "Install" and you are done setting everything up

  6. You will notice, that you can also install samples of tests if you need. Currently there is the example "Bee Game" and the Gameplay Inspector self tests available.

Readme & Changelog:

How to Manage your License:

How to integrate the Gameplay Inspector:

Note: When importing the package you will notice in the bottom right corner, that Unity is trying to bake shaders. Currently this causes Unity to be stuck. This is caused by the Unity "Hybrid Renderer Package".

Closing and reopening the project will solve the problem. If you still encounter problems please let us know.

Manage License.png