Why it is worth it using the Gameplay Inspector in your Project!

We offer you:

High performance for efficient, automated testing.

Therefore you can:

Automated Test generation to take work off your shoulders even more.

Highly optimized parallel test execution.

Replay your test frame by frame to find bugs.

​​​​​An highly accessible User-Interface that even non programmers can work with easily.

Through integration into the Unity test runner test most parts of your game automatically.

Continued development of the Gameplay Inspector with regular updates to further enhance your productivity.

...ensure highest performance for the needs of your Projects. up to 40% costs of your development compared to manual testing. up to 16 times faster than though manual testing via classical methods and service providers.

...streamline error detecting processes to ensure the quality of your product.

...create your own development space to perfectly fit your needs.

Powerful Editor to create your tests the easy way by simply selecting the tests you defined.

The list of the functions of the Gameplay Inspector is already quite impressive. But there is more to come. Look at our Roadmap to see what we are currently working on, and what comes next.