Gameplay Inspector Extras

Get some Extras to help you get thinks done

Prices depending on you needs

If you need training or deeper instructions while working with the Gameplay Inspector here you can choose between:

User Training: Unlock the full potential of the Gameplay Inspector with detailed video Tutorials.

Personal Instructor: We provide you with one of our experts, to help you overcome project specific challenges.

Additionally you will get your personal room within our Discord Server to get even faster in touch with us.


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Gameplay Inspector

For Developers with < $ 100k revenue

Personal License for $ 80/Seat


Gameplay Inspector

(Test Environment)

Support Tickets without priorisation (answers within 7 days)

No Add-Ons are included

Gameplay Inspector

For Developers with > $ 100k revenue

Enterprise License for $ 1000/Year/Seat


Gameplay Inspector

(Test Environment + Test Generation)

Support Tickets with priorisation
(answers within 24 hours)

All Add-Ons are included

Source Code is included