Improving Game Quality

Making Games can be more complicated than it should be and
"Most games are as brittle as a house of cards on an washing machine."

Developing Games can be a pain. I bet you can all relate to the statement, that every Game has its problems and bugs while developing and after release. And everyone of us thought at some point: "How did this happen?" or "Why did we not found this Problem sooner?"

Reasons for that include Game Testing. Usually done manually,  Manual Testing often produces mediocre results and costs an vast amount of time and therefore money.

In Fact manual Testing can make up to 50%* and more of the overall project costs. That can be quite a bit right?

*from the Study: Economic Perspectives in Test Automation: Balancing Automated and Manual Testing with Opportunity Cost from Rudolf Ramler and Klaus Wolfmaier

We are also Gamer and Developer and experienced the hardships on both sides. At some Point we thougt it would be quite reasonable to automate the whole process of Testing Code. Most existing solutions and tools are unfortunately often limited to certain test cases and still require a vast ammount of manual maintanence, that contradicts the attempt of automation.

We developed a tool for Unity3D that enables you to test your game automatically. Therefore you can save Time, money and above that, improve the quality of your Software.

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Regards Marco and Stefan

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