Enter the Shark Tank

Hello folks! This is Marco from 2GuyGames! Never heard of us? Well, that’s to be expected since we are just now creating our company. I thought it would be a nice idea to accompany our founding process with a blog. I’d like to build an open company that is not as secretive about everything that is happening as it’s so common in the game industry. As such, I’d like to share some insights — now and further down the road — about building up a company, making games, being (hopefully) profitable, etc. I’d like this to become a biweekly thing that keeps us going and communicating. Every second Monday here on Medium.com, so keep your eyes peeled! Of course, you are very welcome to connect and share your own knowledge with us as well. :)

So here we are; where do we start? Our name “2 guys who couldn’t decide on a company name but still wanted to make games”, 2GuyGames for short, already tells you a lot: we are two average Joes who want to make their own games. That’s me Marco — Primary Founder, Software Engineer, Game Creator, Maker of Things — and my partner and long-time buddy Stefan — Co-Founder, Master of Coin, Manager of Business, Breaker of Chairs — whom I knew since we studied in Brandenburg, Germany. While he wasted his time studying business and administration, I did something useful with my time and studied computer science. We met because we both played the guitar — and bonded over Anime. A really touching and heart-warming story that we’ll save for another time. Now we are just about done with our respective master’s degrees and thought to ourselves that we have nothing better to do than jump into the shark tank commonly known as “game industry”.

So how do we do it? We get all the funding we can get, do a Kickstarter, develop some game of genre ENTER CURRENTLY POPULAR GENRE HERE and hope it succeeds, right? Wrong! That would be stupid! I actually spent quite some time thinking about the best approach to get into the industry and stay afloat while being able to make the games we want to make. The concept is simple: We start by working for other companies. I have worked as a freelance developer for a couple of years — programming games with C# in Unity for individuals and companies. Then the thing happened that tends to happen when you are good at something: People start throwing their money your way. Soon I found myself with more project offers than I could possibly handle. “If only I had more hands”, I thought — and here we are. So our first order of business is to get me more hands (I am talking about programmers, as in employees working at our company, for me, whom I train; not actual hands, silly) and start doing all those projects I couldn’t do before. I plan to maintain a high quality in everything I produce and let produce. Of course, that’s what everyone says. “But what does ‘quality’ even mean?” you might rightly ask. I am going to explain what I mean by that and how to achieve it, but that is going to be an entire blog post (or more?) by itself.

Back to our business model: So instead of trying to become a full-blown shark right off the bat, we will try and survive in symbioses with them. Once we have our business up and running with a constant stream of money and projects, we can seriously take on our own games. Of course, this doesn’t exclude the possibility of us attempting to crowdfund our games. In theory, this approach should allow us to keep our company going even if our own games are not successful. And as long as we can do that, we’ll be two happy guys making games.

Where are we at? We are currently approaching the start line with alternating small steps and big leaps. Talking to possible investors, forging and reviving connections, hammering out our business plan, and of course looking for potential employees and projects. Speaking of which — we aim to be up and running in the second quarter of 2019, so April/May-ish. If you want to connect with us — be it as someone who is looking for a job, someone looking for programmers for their game or any other reason — visit us at our Unity Connect page:


So that’s about it for our first blog post. Thank you for reading this far. I hope it was at least a little bit informative. Next time Stefan will hit you with a more in-depth view into our business model, financing options and such. It’s going to be great, we will learn a lot (and I will finally hear how we are going to pull this off)! See you then!


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